有关职业教育的更多信息, 自愿参加职业活动, or to provide any feedback you may have, please contact our Head of Careers, Mrs Arazi on 01923 223403 or at s.arazi@watfordgirls.herts.sch.uk

Information published on this page will be reviewed at the end of each academic year and will be updated in September.


Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance is a crucial part of education for young people. The landscape of education, training and employment opportunities that students face is more complex and challenging than that faced by previous generations. Qualifications are changing, 年轻人面临着更广泛的课程选择, places to study, and careers available.


To help pupils have a successful transition to adult life and take ownership of their own career path by developing the skills and confidence needed to:

  • Make informed decisions for themselves,
  • Be able to manage their own transitions between the different stages of their education and career.

确保所有学生接受独立教育是万博maxbetx官网的法定责任, 关于他们所有选择的公正建议和指导, and how they will affect their opportunities after school and which careers pathways will become available to them. 在关键阶段帮助学生做决定, 告诉他们所有的选择,并把他们介绍到工作的世界, 无论他们选择哪条道路,万博maxbetx官网的目标都是让他们为毕业后的生活做好准备.

The Careers Education Programme

职业学习从7年级开始,一直持续到13年级. The programme has been designed with a different focus for each year group which is relevant for the life stage the student is at.

The school careers education programme is based on the Gatsby Benchmarks for Good Career Guidance, and meets statutory guidelines as published in the DfE document “Careers guidance and access for education and training providers” dated January 2023.

At Watford Grammar School for Girls we are committed to ensuring that all pupils get the careers provision that they require. 职业方案将每年审查一次,并在必要时加以调整. The effectiveness of the careers programme and of careers events will be monitored by feedback collected from pupils, parents, teachers and employers.

职业教育信息、咨询和指导政策Careers Provider Access Policy 2018 (currently under review to take into account new legislation)

Hertfordshire County Council Services for Young People (HCC SfYP) (formerly known as YC Hertfordshire)

  • HCC SfYP Information

    青少年服务是一项旨在提供公正信息的服务, advice, guidance, support, 为13-19岁的孩子提供个人发展机会. Miss Kerry Duffy, a Personal Adviser from Services for Young People will be visiting our school on a regular basis, 提供个人面试和每周午餐时间的拜访.

    学生还可以访问一个专门的网站,以了解更多关于青少年服务的信息. This can be found at http://www.servicesforyoungpeople.org/

Careers programme

  • Year 7 - All about careers

    • 向学生介绍工作的世界和与之相关的术语.
    • Students are introduced to careers resources and will start to develop their skills for researching information on different careers.
    • 学生们被介绍到他们可以从事的广泛的职业. They are encouraged to challenge stereotypes within the world of work and traditional job roles.
    • 学生们将从外部演讲者那里听到关于他们的工作和工作内容的演讲.
    • 学生可选择获得独立指导(年度负责人推荐).
    • 鼓励学生参加职业说明会和博览会.
    • 学生们将开始考虑生活的主要成本, budgeting, 还会介绍一些与金融相关的词汇.

  • 第8年——关于你和你的工作技能

    • 学生们将开始培养识别雇主需要什么人才的技能.
    • 鼓励学生找出自己的个人特点、优势和技能.
    • 学生将制定一项行动计划,以帮助发展他们的就业技能.
    • 学生们将开始思考他们认为在生活方式方面的职业生涯中什么是重要的, and a good work/life balance. 他们会被鼓励对自己有很高的期望.
    • 学生们将从外部演讲者那里听到关于他们的工作和工作内容的演讲.
    • 学生可选择获得独立指导(年度负责人推荐).
    • 鼓励学生参加职业说明会和博览会.

  • Year 9 - Making choices

    • 学生通过工作见习日直接接触工作世界. 他们将被鼓励批判性地反思他们的经历.
    • Students are introduced to a range of different websites available to them to help research different jobs, what they involve, 他们需要什么样的技能和资格.
    • 学生们将开始考虑在潜在的职业道路方面的GCSE选择. 他们将被鼓励使用他们所介绍的职业资源, to help inform their GCSE decisions.
    • 学生将了解社交媒体的作用, 以及这将如何帮助或阻碍未来的应用.
    • 学生可选择获得独立指导(年度负责人推荐).
    • 鼓励学生参加职业说明会和博览会.

  • Year 10 - Get ready for the world of work

    • 学生们将重新审视他们的行动计划,并重新评估他们的个人优势和技能. 万博maxbetx官网将鼓励他们继续发展这些技术.
    • 学生们将重新审视他们工作中的需求.
    • 鼓励学生将特定的潜在职业与所需的优势和技能联系起来, and lifestyles associated with them.
    • 学生将了解他们在工作中的权利和责任.
    • 学生们将探索什么是简历,以及如何写一份好的简历. They are encouraged to start writing a CV, 如果在这个过程中有任何差距被突出, 将探讨如何进一步发展这些领域.
    • 学生将探索面试技巧,并通过实践来发展这些技巧.
    • 学生们将开始考虑工作的财务方面, including budgeting, financial planning, tax, and interpreting payslip information.
    • 鼓励学生参加职业说明会和博览会.
    • 鼓励学生继续利用现有的职业资源.
    • 学生可选择获得独立指导(表格导师或年度负责人推荐).
    • A small, 被选中的学生将有机会完成一周的工作经验. They will be encouraged to critically reflect on their experience; what they have learnt, 以及他们使用和发展了什么技能..

  • Year 11 - Thinking ahead to 16+

    • 帮助学生在16后的选择,并告知他们所有的选择, including 6th form study, colleges, UTC’s, and apprenticeships.
    • 学生有机会听到A-Level课程, from both teachers and current pupils.
    • Students are encouraged to continue to use careers resources available to them to continue to investigate which careers appeal, 他们需要什么样的技能和资格.
    • 学生将与独立的职业顾问进行面试. 在这个时候,他们会就未来的个人行动计划达成一致, 并确定实现这些目标所需的具体行动.
    • Students should use their careers interviews to help understand the different career pathways and entry requirements, 如果他们的结果比预期的好/差,他们被鼓励制定应急计划.
    • 学校鼓励学生参加职业说明会、博览会和开放日.
    • Students are further encouraged to set high expectations of themselves by learning about University life and Degree Apprenticeships.
    • Students are given the opportunity to take the Morrisby test to help identify potential career pathways (students opt-in, and charge applies).

  • Year 12 - Thinking ahead to 18+

    • 学生被告知他们所有不同的选择,包括高等教育, jobs, gap years and apprenticeships.
    • 学生们听说了选择课程和大学.
    • 学生们有机会听到关于申请牛津剑桥的具体内容.
    • 学生们得到了关于写个人陈述的建议, with emphasis on UCAS, apprenticeship and job applications.
    • 学生将重新学习面试技巧,以及如何为面试做准备.
    • 学生将参加与雇主的模拟面试.
    • Students will hear about study skills.
    • 学生将学习就业技能.
    • 鼓励学生参加工作体验, developing their employability skills, 以及他们在寻找职位以及与雇主接触和沟通方面的技能.
    • 学校鼓励学生参加大学开放日、职业说明会和博览会.
    • 学生可以通过旁听的方式选择独立公正的顾问, or form tutor referral.
    • 鼓励学生利用现有的职业资源, 并被告知在哪里可以找到更多关于特定课程/职业的信息.
    • Students are given the opportunity to take the Morrisby test to help identify potential career pathways (students opt-in, and charge applies).

  • Year 13 - Thinking ahead to 18+

    • 学生们被提醒所有可供他们选择的不同选择, including higher education, jobs, gap years, and apprenticeships. Support is given for any of these options.
    • 学生在UCAS或学徒申请中获得有针对性的支持.
    • 学生将了解学生财务和预算.
    • 学生们将听到大学生活的过渡.
    • 学生们将了解毕业生招聘,以及如何开始建立自己的网络.
    • 学校鼓励学生参加大学开放日、职业说明会和博览会.
    • 学生可以通过旁听的方式选择独立公正的顾问, or form tutor referral.
    • 鼓励学生利用现有的职业资源, 并被告知在哪里可以找到更多关于特定课程/职业的信息.

Employer engagement

  • Employer engagement information

    万博maxbetx官网理解与当地雇主合作以支持万博maxbetx官网的职业发展的重要性, and we welcome any contact from employers who are able to help show and inform our pupils about the world of work and the range of careers available.

    目前,万博maxbetx官网通过多种方式与雇主合作, including work experience, careers fairs, and careers talks. 本学年,万博maxbetx官网诚邀雇主支持下列活动:

    职业演讲:集会、午餐时间或放学后的演讲万博maxbetx官网邀请鼓舞人心的演讲者与学生们讨论他们的职业生涯.Any date during term time.

    Lunchtime talks: 13.30 – 14.15

    After school: Tuesdays 15.00 – 16.00

    Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 15.30 – 16.30

    Talks to Year 7 formWe invite employers in to speak to a form group about their career choices and what their job entails. 然后鼓励学生提问.Tuesday 24th May 14.20 – 15.00
    Talks to Year 8 formWe invite employers in to speak to a form group about their career choices and what their job entails. 然后鼓励学生提问.Tuesday 10th May 14.20 – 15.00
    National Careers Week lunchtime events万博maxbetx官网希望向万博maxbetx官网的学生展示各种各样的职业, 因此,万博maxbetx官网欢迎愿意与学生交谈的雇主提供进一步的支持.Monday 7th March – Friday 11th March 13.30 – 14.15

    创造性职业专场招聘会:周二8点th March 15.00 – 18.00

    如果你有能力支持这些活动, 或者愿意以其他方式与万博maxbetx官网合作, please contact Mrs Arazi on 01923 223403 or s.arazi@watfordgirls.herts.sch.uk

Where to find help

  • Finding help

    We offer a number of ways of finding help if you have any questions about careers or next steps:

      • Kerry Duffy (our careers adviser from Services for Young People) holds drop-in sessions at lunchtimes when she is in school. 关于她上学日期的详细信息,请参阅就业办公室门上的通知.
      • 上课前、课间休息或午餐时间,阿拉齐太太都有空. 她在海德大厦的数学办公室工作. 或者,你也可以通过电子邮件提出问题,或者安排一个具体的见面时间: s.arazi@watfordgirls.herts.sch.uk
      • 贝古姆夫人会在课间休息或午餐时间到职业图书馆旁听.

    职业图书馆对任何年级的所有学生开放. 它位于主图书馆的顶层, 并有具体的学院和大学的信息, as well as details on apprenticeships, gap years, specific careers, and current local job vacancies.

    手册和招股说明书每年更新一次, 而所有其他出版物每半年审查一次.


  • Unifrog

    In keeping with our commitment to provide students with outstanding careers guidance and tailored support when choosing their next step after school, we use Unifrog; an award-winning, online careers platform. 所有年级的学生都可以访问这个优秀的网站.

    The Unifrog platform is designed to support learners in making the most informed decisions about their futures and has a range of tools that are suitable for all year groups. Each student has their own personal account that provides a wide range of information related to their interests and aspirations. Key features of the platform include:

    • Opportunities – search tools showing live vacancies/courses/placements for apprenticeships and universities
    •应用程序——帮助学生为一系列路径构建应用程序的工具.g., CVs and Personal Statements

    To access the site, go to www.unifrog.org.

    Years 7-9 intro: KS3 Student Launch (loom.com)
    Years 10-11 intro: KS4 Student Launch (loom.com)
    Years 12-13 intro: http://www.loom.com/share/bf30f7508ecc4bbaae87baa10aa04154
    Parent intro: http://www.loom.com/share/1d856c8220f444faa653fd7f719db5c8

    如果您是家长,想要创建一个帐户,那么请登录 www.unifrog.org/code,并使用注册码创建帐户: WTFGPARENTS. If there are any issues then please contact s.arazi@watfordgirls.herts.sch.uk.

Careers Opportunities Newsletter

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